State Advisory Forums


NCCI is embarking on its 2020 State Advisory Forum presentations. These forums are designed to promote education and provide a greater understanding of both national and state workers compensation issues. Most of the forums will take place after NCCI's May Annual Issues Symposium in order to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

The content of each forum will be tailored to the state where the meeting is held. There is no charge to attend these forums, but reservations are required. You are welcome to attend the forum for every state where you are writing or involved in workers compensation insurance. 

This year, we plan on holding forums in 36 states. We will continue to focus on state-specific information and speak in greater detail on:

  • Proposed/enacted state and federal legislation
  • State system cost drivers
  • NCCI studies and economic information
  • The residual market

At these forums, we encourage participation from the broadest cross section of the workers compensation community, such as:

  • NCCI affiliates
  • Departments of Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Commissions
  • Insurance trade associations
  • Legislators
  • Self-insureds
  • Employer trade associations

Throughout the year, NCCI holds State Advisory Forums, which help us share crucial information with workers compensation system stakeholders. These forums promote education and greater understanding of both the national and state workers compensation environments.

You can access the information that is presented at these forums below: