SCSOS℠ Service (Servicing Carrier Selection and Oversight System)

Servicing Carrier Selection and Oversight System (SCSOSSM Service) is a portal for four Web applications that provides an automated process for selecting and overseeing the carriers that service the Residual Market, as well as viewing assigned carrier quota distributions as appropriate. The four components for SCSOSSM Service are:

  • Servicing Carrier Selection—This component allows the objective selection process to be managed online and includes the distribution of NCCI's Request for Proposal, the carriers’ proposal submissions, proposal scoring, and the award process.
  • Carrier Audit Program—This component allows assigned carriers to report Self-Audit, SCOR, and on-site audit information to NCCI. Assigned carriers and regulators may also view their respective results of these programs within this component.
  • Assigned Carrier Quota Report—This component allows assigned carriers to view their own actual quotas compared to expected quotas.
  • Regulator Quota Report—This component allows regulators to view all assigned carriers’ actual quotas compared to expected quotas within their state.
  • Carriers that are currently, or interested in becoming, a servicing carrier in NCCI's Plan-administered states
  • Carriers subject to NCCI’s Carrier Audit Program
  • Regulators for NCCI's Plan-administered state
Media Available
  • Online
  Description Affiliate Price Non-Affiliate Price
  Online No Charge No Charge

Affiliate Pricing—A company that has signed an NCCI Affiliation Agreement for states in which NCCI is the licensed rating and/or statistical organization and where the Affiliate is writing or licensed to write workers compensation insurance.

Non-Affiliate Pricing—A customer of NCCI that is not licensed and/or writing workers compensation in a state where NCCI is the licensed rating and/or statistical organization.