Retrospective Rating Plan Manual for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance

The Retrospective Rating Plan Manual offers information that will help you write large deductible and retro policies for workers compensation.  

You'll find:

  • Retrospective Rating Plan rules
  • Calculation methods and procedures
  • Premium computation tables
  • State special rules and rating values
  • Endorsements
  • Filing Instructions
  • Hands-on examples to help you determine a policy's retrospective rating
  • Definitions of terms​
  • Actuarial Consulting
  • Agents/Brokers
  • Carriers
  • Data Reporters
  • Independent Bureaus
  • Regulators/Legislators
Media Available
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Online
  Description Affiliate Price Non-Affiliate Price
  Online $40 per user, per year $80 per user, per year
  Enterprise license for Online manuals Contact Customer Service for pricing and availability Not Available
  Taxes—Applicable state taxes will be added to each order

Affiliate Pricing—A company that has signed an NCCI Affiliation Agreement for states in which NCCI is the licensed rating and/or statistical organization and where the Affiliate is writing or licensed to write workers compensation insurance.

Non-Affiliate Pricing—A customer of NCCI that is not licensed and/or writing workers compensation in a state where NCCI is the licensed rating and/or statistical organization.