Quarterly Economics Briefing



NCCI's Quarterly Economics Briefing examines the current state of the economy and implications for workers compensation insurance. The report is presented in three sections: Review of Current Conditions, Drilling Down, and Macroeconomic Insights.

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Review of Current Conditions

The Economic Outlook and Its Impact on Workers Compensation - Q3 2018

The exhibits in this article are updated to reflect the current economic outlook for factors that typically impact workers compensation. Each exhibit also provides some context for the outlook, relative to the historical data. Forecasts are derived from Moody’s Analytics.

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Drilling Down

Changing Worker Demographics in the US

This issue of the Quarterly Economics Briefing highlights demographic trends in the labor force that are important for workers compensation. The discussion here focuses on worker aging, labor force participation, tenure, economic sector, and gender.

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Macroeconomic Insights

Economic Growth Above 4%: Temporary Bump or Future Trend?

This edition identifies the drivers of the real gross domestic product (GDP) annualized growth during the second quarter of 2018 and discusses the sustainability of annualized GDP growth above 4% going forward.