COVID-19 Court Cases (PDF) Court Cases (PDF)NCCI InsightsNovember 24, 2020This report provides an overview of COVID-19-related state and federal cases with potential implications for workers compensation insurance.PDF
Court Case Update, Countrywide - November 2020 Case Update, Countrywide - November 2020NCCI InsightsNovember 17, 2020A summary of cases and decisions monitored by NCCI’s Legal Team that may impact workers compensation (WC) across the states. This edition contains updated information on cases previously introduced and presents new cases and decisions.Article
How Do Medical Networks Impact Workers Compensation Claim Costs? Do Medical Networks Impact Workers Compensation Claim Costs?Dan Corro, Barry LiptonNovember 09, 2020This report looks at the impact of medical provider networks on workers compensation (WC) claim costs for 10 common WC injuries.Article
COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: Frequency Assumptions Update and Workers Compensation: Frequency Assumptions Update NCCI InsightsNovember 06, 2020This research brief examines recent data and research pertaining to the various frequency-related assumptions discussed in the white paper and utilized in the COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios Tool.PDF
COVID-19’s Impact on Motor Vehicle Accidents in Workers Compensation’s Impact on Motor Vehicle Accidents in Workers Compensation Tom Daley, Anae Myers, Victor WongNovember 04, 2020This article explores how COVID-19 has disrupted seasonal traffic patterns countrywide and the resulting impacts on motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) in workers compensation (WC).Article
Quarterly Economics Briefing - Q3 2020 Economics Briefing - Q3 2020NCCI InsightsOctober 30, 2020This edition of the Quarterly Economics Briefing presents two reports on how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected employment.Article
Court Case Update, Massachusetts - October 2020 Case Update, Massachusetts - October 2020NCCI InsightsOctober 29, 2020The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court found that a workers compensation insurer cannot be required to pay for a claimant’s medical marijuana expenses.Article
2020 Workers Compensation Financial Results Update Workers Compensation Financial Results UpdateNCCI InsightsOctober 26, 2020In this report, NCCI provides updated results for 2019, as well as preliminary estimates for Calendar Year 2020.Article
Emergency Room Treatment in Workers Compensation Room Treatment in Workers CompensationMitch Wiemer, Carolyn WiseOctober 22, 2020COVID-19 has affected the delivery of medical care. Hospitals are diverting resources to treat coronavirus patients, and elective hospital treatments have been deferred. But how might this affect the use of emergency rooms by injured workers?Article
COVID-19’s Impact on Medical Treatment in Workers Compensation - What to Measure’s Impact on Medical Treatment in Workers Compensation - What to MeasureRaji ChadarevianOctober 19, 2020NCCI is undertaking several activities to better understand the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the workers compensation (WC) system. This article shares some of the measures or metrics we are monitoring.Article
COVID-19 and Workers Compensation - Permanent Disability (PDF) and Workers Compensation - Permanent Disability (PDF)NCCI InsightsOctober 12, 2020This paper describes updates made to NCCI's COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios Tool, which incorporate the potential for permanent disability outcomes within the calculation framework.PDF
NCCI's COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios Tool's COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios ToolNCCI InsightsOctober 12, 2020This tool allows users to vary assumptions underlying the framework described in NCCI’s research briefs “COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: Modeling Potential Impacts” and “COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: Permanent Disability."Article
COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: What You Need to Know - Frequently Asked Questions - UPDATE and Workers Compensation: What You Need to Know - Frequently Asked Questions - UPDATENCCI InsightsOctober 08, 2020This updated article addresses stakeholder questions regarding COVID-19 and the impact it may have on the workers compensation industry.Article
Catastrophic COVID-19 Workers Compensation Claims - Case Studies and the Pandemic COVID-19 Workers Compensation Claims - Case Studies and the PandemicMichael ChooOctober 06, 2020Michael Choo shares what we've learned about COVID-19 and its potential impact on workers compensation.Article
COVID-19, Premium Audits, and EBNR - Lessons Learned from the Past, Premium Audits, and EBNR - Lessons Learned from the PastBarry LiptonSeptember 30, 2020This article looks at similarities between the current recession and the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009 audit premium and its impact on insurance results.Article
Court Case Update, Illinois - September 2020 Case Update, Illinois - September 2020NCCI InsightsSeptember 30, 2020The Illinois Supreme Court held that the proper test for determining workers compensation compensability depends on whether the activity was incident to the employment or causally connected to the job duties.Article
Court Case Update, Oklahoma - September 2020 Case Update, Oklahoma - September 2020NCCI InsightsSeptember 25, 2020The Supreme Court of Oklahoma found that an Oklahoma workers compensation statute is unconstitutional to the extent that it denies recovery to the next of kin of a deceased employee with no dependents. Article
Court Case Update, California - September 2020 Case Update, California - September 2020NCCI InsightsSeptember 18, 2020A California federal District Court ruled that exclusive remedy barred certain claims by an employee in connection with the employer’s alleged failure to maintain a safe and healthy work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.Article
Countrywide Mega Claims Webinar Mega Claims WebinarRyan VollSeptember 17, 2020This webinar highlights the Countrywide Mega Claims study conducted by NCCI in collaboration with other workers compensation bureaus. The study analyzes trends in mega claims across the country.Video
INSIGHTS Video Edition - September 2020 Video Edition - September 2020Channel NCCISeptember 16, 2020In this episode we discuss our 2020 Regulatory and Legislative Trends Report.Video
Drug-Free Workplace Premium Credits Workplace Premium CreditsChun Shyong, Barry Lipton, and John RobertsonSeptember 14, 2020This paper reviews the results for risks with WC Drug-Free Workplace Program (DFWP) credits. It includes a limited number of states, and there could be other states (e.g., Ohio) with similar programs not included in this analysis.Article
The Impact of Fee Schedule Updates on Hospital Outpatient Payments Impact of Fee Schedule Updates on Hospital Outpatient PaymentsDavid Colon, Paul Hendrick, and Bryanna LumAugust 26, 2020This paper uses data from NCCI's Medical Data Call and examines how hospital outpatient payments are impacted by changes in maximum allowable reimbursements.Article
Countrywide Mega Claims Mega Claims NCCI InsightsAugust 25, 2020NCCI, in collaboration with other workers compensation bureaus, has released its Countrywide Mega Claims study. It analyzes trends in mega claims, those with incurred losses at 2018 cost levels of $3 million across the country.PDF
Court Case Update, Federal - August 2020 Case Update, Federal - August 2020NCCI InsightsAugust 21, 2020The federal Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld the constitutionality of a Washington workers compensation statute that creates a presumption of compensability for certain types of diseases contracted by federal contractors.Article
2020 Regulatory and Legislative Trends Report Regulatory and Legislative Trends ReportLaura KerseyAugust 19, 2020An overview of key legislative, regulatory, judicial, and other developments affecting the workers compensation system including activity to address workers compensation presumptions of compensability in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Article

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