NCCI online circular releases keep you current with vital trends, events, and issues affecting the workers compensation marketplace.  The circular types are:

  • Data Reporting Circulars—Provides information for reporting timely and quality Policy, Unit Statistical, and other data
  • Loss Costs or Rate Filing Circulars—Loss Costs or Rate filing circulars include information that NCCI submits to most state regulators. These circulars are not available to Non-Affiliates.
  • Residual Markets Circulars for Plan and Pool—Pool circulars provide financial and procedural information on the Pools NCCI manages. Plan circulars provide rules and procedures on NCCI-administrated Plans.
  • Countrywide/State Specific and State Item Filing Circulars—Provides details on state-specific filings, rule changes, and relevant issues affecting workers compensation.
  • Status of Item Filings Circulars—Provides weekly updates on national item and state filing approvals, disapprovals, withdrawals, etc. that have been filed with regulators.
  • Status of Rate Revisions Circular—Provides weekly listings of loss costs and rate filing activity on a state-by-state basis
  Description Affiliate Price Non-Affiliate Price
  Data Reporting Circulars Included in affiliation No Charge
  Status of Item Filings Circulars Included in affiliation $425
​Countrywide/State-Specific or Item Filings Circulars ​Included in affiliation ​$80 per state                      $1,600 for all available states
​Status of Rate Revisions Circular Included in affiliation​ ​$425
​Loss Costs or Rate Filing Circulars Included in affiliation​ Not Available
​Residual Markets Circulars for Plan and Pool No Charge​ No Charge
Taxes—Applicable state taxes will be added to each order

Affiliate Pricing—A company that has signed an NCCI Affiliation Agreement for states in which NCCI is the licensed rating and/or statistical organization and where the Affiliate is writing or licensed to write workers compensation insurance.

Non-Affiliate Pricing—A customer of NCCI that is not licensed and/or writing workers compensation in a state where NCCI is the licensed rating and/or statistical organization.

  • Actuarial Consulting
  • Agents/Brokers
  • Carriers
  • Data Reporters
  • Independent Bureaus
  • Regulators/Legislators
Media Available
  • Downloadable Microsoft® Excel File
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Online
  • PDF