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NCCI's Industry Roundtable: Stephanie Bushhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_IndustryRoundtable-Stephanie.aspxNCCI's Industry Roundtable: Stephanie BushNCCI InsightsMay 20, 2021NCCI President and CEO Bill Donnell engages workers compensation leaders on the critical issues and trends impacting the industry today and in the future.Article
AIS 2021 Highlights Reporthttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-AISHighlightsReport.aspxAIS 2021 Highlights ReportNCCI InsightsMay 13, 2021View highlights from AIS 2021, including speaker presentations, videos and more.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition: May 2021https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_video-may2021.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition: May 2021Channel NCCIMay 03, 2021In this episode we discuss our recent report, 2021 Legislative Trends: Top Issues to Watch.Article
Perspectives on Managing Risk During (and After) a Pandemichttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-Perspectives-Managing-Risk-During-After-Pandemic.aspxPerspectives on Managing Risk During (and After) a PandemicJeff Eddinger and Damian EnglandApril 08, 2021Risk management and insurance professionals share with us their perspectives on managing risk both during and after a pandemic.Article
COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: What You Need to Know - Frequently Asked Questions - UPDATEhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-Coronavirus-FAQs.aspxCOVID-19 and Workers Compensation: What You Need to Know - Frequently Asked Questions - UPDATENCCI InsightsApril 05, 2021This updated article addresses stakeholder questions regarding COVID-19 and the impact it may have on the workers compensation industry.Article
Medical Indicators and Trends Dashboardhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-Medical-Indicators-Trends-Dashboard.aspxMedical Indicators and Trends DashboardNCCI InsightsMarch 30, 2021This dashboard provides an interactive way to visualize state-specific information presented in the Q2 and Q3 2020 Medical Perspective reports and allows you to download various summary tables.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition: Focus on 5https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_video-february2021.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition: Focus on 5Channel NCCIFebruary 12, 2021What issues are top of mind for insurer executives this year? Watch our latest INSIGHTS Video Edition to learn more.Video
COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: Data and Insightshttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-COVID-19-Workers-Comp-Data-Insights.aspxCOVID-19 and Workers Compensation: Data and InsightsNCCI InsightsJanuary 29, 2021View an engaging roundtable discussion with NCCI experts. You'll get a first look at the 2020 workers compensation financial results and gain perspective on what’s ahead for 2021.Article
Telecommuting and Workers Compensation: What We Knowhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-Telecommuting-WorkersComp.aspxTelecommuting and Workers Compensation: What We KnowCarolyn WiseJanuary 25, 2021This paper explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dynamic shift in the workplace as many employees transitioned to working remotely.Article
Responding to the Impact of COVID-19 on Workers Compensationhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-Responding-to-Impact-COVID-19-WorkersComp.aspxResponding to the Impact of COVID-19 on Workers CompensationBill DonnellJanuary 14, 2021Bill Donnell offers his reflection on 2020 with a focus on the days ahead.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition – Quarterly Economics Briefing: Q3 2020https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_video-QEB-december2020.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition – Quarterly Economics Briefing: Q3 2020Channel NCCIDecember 18, 2020In this episode, we discuss our Q3 2020 Quarterly Economics Briefing, which presents two reports on how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected employment.Video
INSIGHTS Video Edition - December 2020https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_video-december2020.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition - December 2020Channel NCCIDecember 14, 2020In this episode, we interview Dr. Michael Choo about his recent INSIGHTS article addressing catastrophic COVID-19 workers compensation claims.Video
NCCI's Annual Survey of Insurer Executives Focuses on COVID-19https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-Focus5-Covid-19.aspxNCCI's Annual Survey of Insurer Executives Focuses on COVID-19NCCI InsightsDecember 09, 2020NCCI reveals its annual Focus on Five, which highlights top-of-mind concerns for industry executives who mentioned COVID-19 as this year's biggest challenge.Article
Telemedicine - COVID-19 Affects Medical Service Delivery in 2020https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-Telemedicine-WorkersComp-COVID-19.aspxTelemedicine - COVID-19 Affects Medical Service Delivery in 2020Amelia CarrollDecember 02, 2020This article examines the state of telemedicine services prior to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing baseline information, a discussion of emergency changes, and insights on what the future may hold.Article
NCCI's COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios Toolhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-COVID-19-Hypothetical-Scenarios-Tool.aspxNCCI's COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios ToolNCCI InsightsOctober 12, 2020This tool allows users to vary assumptions underlying the framework described in NCCI’s research briefs “COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: Modeling Potential Impacts” and “COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: Permanent Disability."Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition - September 2020https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_video-september2020.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition - September 2020Channel NCCISeptember 16, 2020In this episode we discuss our 2020 Regulatory and Legislative Trends Report.Video
Webinar on the Impact of COVID-19 on Workers Compensationhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-COVID-19-Impact-on-WorkersComp.aspxWebinar on the Impact of COVID-19 on Workers CompensationNCCI InsightsJuly 27, 2020View a recap of the webinar where NCCI and the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) experts discuss COVID-19 and the impact on workers compensation.Video
INSIGHTS Video Edition - July 2020https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_video-july2020.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition - July 2020Channel NCCIJuly 14, 2020We provide a recap of our COVID-19 Resource Center, discuss opioid prescribing across industry groups, and more.Video
NCCI’s COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios Tool - Updatehttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-COVID-19-Hypothetical-Scenarios-Tool-Update.aspxNCCI’s COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios Tool - UpdateNCCI InsightsMay 22, 2020NCCI has updated the COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios Tool. Specifically, we’ve incorporated Texas-specific medical severities into the model calculations for when the Texas is selected.Article
AIS 2020 Highlights Reporthttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-AISHighlightsReport-2020.aspxAIS 2020 Highlights ReportNCCI InsightsMay 12, 2020The AIS Highlights Report features key takeaways and presentations from NCCI's AIS Virtual program.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition – May 2020https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_video-may2020.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition – May 2020Channel NCCIMay 08, 2020In this special episode, we discuss NCCI’s COVID-19 Resource Center.Video
Briefing - COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios Toolhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-Briefing-COVID-19-Hypothetical-Scenarios-Tool.aspxBriefing - COVID-19 Hypothetical Scenarios ToolNCCI InsightsMay 06, 2020View NCCI’s COVID-19 white paper briefing that includes a demo of the new Hypothetical Scenarios Tool. It allows users to vary assumptions underlying the framework described in the brief, “COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: Modeling Potential Impacts.”Video
COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: Modeling Potential Impacts (PDF)https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-COVID-19-WorkersComp-Modeling-Potential-Impacts.pdfCOVID-19 and Workers Compensation: Modeling Potential Impacts (PDF)NCCI InsightsApril 27, 2020This paper examines potential workers compensation system impacts from COVID-19, as well as implications related to changes in compensability of COVID-19 claims resulting from state action.PDF
COVID-19 and Workers Compensation: What You Need to Knowhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-COVID19-WorkersComp.aspxCOVID-19 and Workers Compensation: What You Need to KnowNCCI InsightsMarch 10, 2020The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) offers a perspective on the effect of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on the workers compensation industry, including compensability and economic impact.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition - March 2020https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_video-mar2020.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition - March 2020Channel NCCIMarch 10, 2020In this episode, we cover our recent Focus on 5 survey, latest Quarterly Economics Briefing and more.Video

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