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'Braking' New Ground - Autonomous Vehicles & Workers Compensationhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-Autonomous-Vehicles-WC.aspx'Braking' New Ground - Autonomous Vehicles & Workers CompensationAlana ErguiJuly 15, 2019NCCI evaluates the status of self-driving vehicles and the potential impact on workers compensation.Article
Technology at Work - Wearables in Workers Compensationhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights_Wearables.aspxTechnology at Work - Wearables in Workers CompensationLaura KerseyJune 24, 2019NCCI, with input from industry stakeholders, explores the potential for wearable technology to improve safety in the workplace.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition - June 2019https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_video-june2019.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition - June 2019Channel NCCIJune 19, 2019Get highlights from our 2019 Annual Issues Symposium and a review of Formulary Implementations and Initial Impacts on Workers Compensation.Video
AIS 2019 Highlights Reporthttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-AISHighlightsReport.aspxAIS 2019 Highlights ReportNCCI InsightsMay 15, 2019NCCI President and CEO, Bill Donnell, introduces the AIS Highlights Report containing presentations and videos from the event.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition – May 2019https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_episode6-may2019-video.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition – May 2019Channel NCCIMay 06, 2019We review Changing Workforce Demographics and Workplace Injury Frequency, our Countrywide Court Case Update, the latest Quarterly Economics Briefing, and more.Video
Evaluation and Management Costs in Workers Compensationhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-EvaluationMgmtCosts.aspxEvaluation and Management Costs in Workers CompensationDan Clayman and Nicole GarciaApril 15, 2019In this article, NCCI examines the 2021 Medicare evaluation and management changes and their potential impacts on a state’s workers compensation system.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition - April 2019https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_video-apr2019.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition - April 2019Channel NCCIApril 03, 2019In this episode, we explore the time from injury to treatment for workers compensation claimants, review our Workers Compensation and Prescription Drugs – 2018 Update, and cover our recent Industry Roundtable, featuring Doug Dirks.Video
NCCI's Industry Roundtable: Doug Dirkshttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-IndustryRoundtable-DougD.aspxNCCI's Industry Roundtable: Doug DirksNCCI InsightsMarch 25, 2019NCCI President and CEO Bill Donnell engages workers compensation leaders on the critical issues and trends impacting the industry today and in the future.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition – January 2019https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_episode5-jan2019-video.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition – January 2019Channel NCCIFebruary 04, 2019In this episode, we discuss the important issues for carrier executives in 2019, review our latest Quarterly Economics Briefing, and highlight the all-new INSIGHTS portal.Video
What's Keeping Workers Compensation Executives Up at Night?https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights-Focus-on-5.aspxWhat's Keeping Workers Compensation Executives Up at Night?NCCI InsightsJanuary 15, 2019Every year for the past decade, the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has surveyed carrier executive leaders in the workers compensation industry to better understand their market perspectives, needs, and challenges.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition – December 2018https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_episode4-dec2018-video.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition – December 2018Channel NCCIJanuary 11, 2019This edition covers post-acute care in workers compensation and the impact of fee schedule updates on physician payments. We also highlight our latest Industry Roundtable, featuring Dr. John Howard.Video
The Road to Recovery: Post-Acute Care in Workers Compensationhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-Road-to-Recovery.aspxThe Road to Recovery: Post-Acute Care in Workers CompensationThomas J. SheppardDecember 04, 2018NCCI reports on the current state of post-acute-care and how medical advances may impact the future for workers compensation.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition – November 2018https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_episode3-nov2018-video.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition – November 2018Channel NCCINovember 30, 2018We explain our top three frequency measures, explore how medical services contribute to the cost of workers compensation claims, and ask whether the Affordable Care Act has affected Monday workers comp claims.Video
NCCI's Industry Roundtable: John Howard, MDhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-IndustryRoundtable-JohnH.aspxNCCI's Industry Roundtable: John Howard, MDNCCI InsightsNovember 27, 2018NCCI President and CEO Bill Donnell engages workers compensation leaders on the critical issues and trends impacting the industry today and in the future.Article
Unintended Consequences of Net Experience Ratinghttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-Unintended-Consequences-Net-Exp-Rating.aspxUnintended Consequences of Net Experience RatingKathy AntonelloNovember 26, 2018NCCI explores how net experience rating creates subsidies in the workers compensation system, exacerbates the existing issue of utilizing E-mods to compare employer safety, and reduces the safety and loss control incentives that might otherwise occur.Article
NCCI Explains Its Top 3 Frequency Measureshttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-Top3FreqMeasures.aspxNCCI Explains Its Top 3 Frequency MeasuresJim DavisOctober 15, 2018In this article, we examine the three frequency measures most often cited and published by NCCI along with the primary uses of each measure.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition – October 2018https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_episode2-oct2018-video.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition – October 2018Channel NCCIOctober 03, 2018To learn more about mega claims, motor vehicle accidents, minimum wage impacts on workers compensation, and the regulatory and legislative trends report, watch this month’s INSIGHTS video edition.Video
Three Keys to World-Class Customer Servicehttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-World-Class-Customer-Service.aspxThree Keys to World-Class Customer ServiceMark MileusnicOctober 01, 2018Because of our focus and dedication to excellence, NCCI’s award-winning call center has earned satisfaction scores of 9.5 out of 10 in those customer surveys.Article
Countrywide Trends in Claim Frequency and Severityhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-Frequency-Severity.aspxCountrywide Trends in Claim Frequency and SeverityJim Davis and Delano BrownSeptember 25, 2018NCCI shares the highlights of our annual review of frequency and severity trends for all NCCI states combined, with a focus on accident years (AY) 2011 to 2016.Article
INSIGHTS Video Edition – September 2018https://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/Insights_episode1-sept2018-video.aspxINSIGHTS Video Edition – September 2018Channel NCCISeptember 01, 2018This episode covers post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in workers compensation, our countrywide Court Case Update, the Quarterly Economics Briefing, and telemedicine and workers compensation.Video
AIS 2018 Highlightshttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_NewsFromAIS2018.aspxAIS 2018 HighlightsNCCI InsightsAugust 06, 2018View valuable videos, presentations, and materials from NCCI’s Annual Issues Symposium 2018.Article
NCCI's Industry Roundtable: Tracy Ryanhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-IndustryRoundtable.aspxNCCI's Industry Roundtable: Tracy RyanNCCI InsightsJuly 26, 2018NCCI President and CEO Bill Donnell engages workers compensation leaders on the critical issues and trends impacting the industry today and in the future.Article
Telemedicine and Workers Compensationhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-Telemedicine-WorkersComp.aspxTelemedicine and Workers CompensationRobert MossJuly 23, 2018Technology has allowed for the introduction of telemedicine as an alternative to on-site medical care. Find out how workers compensation may be impacted and some of the benefits and limitations to consider.Article
NCCI Ratemaking Starts With the Datahttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-Ratemaking-Starts-with-Data.aspxNCCI Ratemaking Starts With the DataKirt DooleyJuly 18, 2018NCCI makes rate and loss cost recommendations for 37 states and the District of Columbia. Find out valuable insight about the data behind NCCI's ratemaking.Article
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Workers Compensationhttps://www.ncci.com/Articles/Pages/II_Insights-PTSD-Injuries.aspxPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Workers CompensationBruce SpidellJune 14, 2018Post-traumatic stress disorder injuries in workers compensation have recently attracted the attention of legislators and other system stakeholders. Stakeholders should continue to raise awareness about the impact of PTSD on employees and the WC system.Article