VCAP® Service Producer Information

Posted Date: Current

Producers submitting applications receive notification if a voluntary coverage provider is interested in providing coverage. Employers that are not offered coverage in the voluntary market will continue with the assigned risk application process via RMAPS® Online Application Service.

The producer and voluntary coverage provider work together to negotiate a "reasonable offer of voluntary coverage." The first coverage provider to receive acceptance of an offer from the producer will confirm voluntary coverage and issue the policy.

Producers are not notified of a specific voluntary coverage provider's interest until the time of application. The producer and voluntary coverage provider have a defined period of time during the policy term to establish a business relationship.

Key Producer Information

  • Producers are not initially required to be under contract or license with the voluntary coverage provider, but can use the first policy period to develop a business relationship
  • Agreements between the producer and the voluntary coverage provider are exclusively between the two parties, do not include NCCI, and are not part of NCCI's Workers Compensation Insurance Plan
  • The commission rate is negotiated between the producer and voluntary coverage provider, and subject to applicable rules