How VCAP® Service Works

Posted Date: Current
    VCAP® Service operates as a supplemental program to RMAPS® Service assigned risk application process.
  • Voluntary coverage providers participating as VCAP® Service users must meet the following eligibility requirements:
    • Election in the WCIP as a participant in the National Workers Compensation Reinsurance Pool or as a Residual Market Direct Assignment Carrier
    • Licensed to write workers compensation insurance in the approved jurisdiction(s)
    • Have an A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating (FSR) minimum of B+
  • The voluntary coverage providers set up their own criteria, which includes:


    ​Contact information ​Governing class code
    ​Governing state ​Experience modification
    ​Business type ​Estimated annual premium
    ​Banking information (for deposit premium transfer) ​Zip code


  • All applications (electronic, mail-in and phone-in) are directed through NCCI’s RMAPS® Service and reviewed to see if they meet a voluntary coverage provider’s criteria Coverage providers and producers receive a real-time electronic notification that the applicant meets a voluntary coverage provider’s criteria
  • If multiple coverage providers’ criteria are met, the application information is sent to all
  • Coverage providers have three business days to review and determine whether they want to make an offer of voluntary coverage
  • The producer and voluntary coverage provider work together to negotiate a “reasonable offer of voluntary coverage”
  • The first coverage provider to receive acceptance of a confirmed offer from the producer issues the policy
  • The producer must accept on behalf of the employer any “reasonable offer of voluntary coverage” made by a voluntary coverage provider through VCAP® Service
  • The producer may reject an offer of voluntary coverage if:
    • The offer is greater than the assigned risk premium
    • The carrier’s A.M. Best financial rating is less than B+
    • The offer does not meet the coverage requirements of the employer
    • A large deductible/deposit that is a financial burden to the employer is required
  • The voluntary coverage provider confirms the voluntary offer online and the application does not proceed through the RMAPS® Service process
  • If an offer of voluntary coverage is not extended, the assigned risk application continues through RMAPS® Service, subject to all Workers Compensation Insurance Plan eligibility requirements
  • A residual market WCIP filing to introduce VCAP® Service will be developed by NCCI and filed with state regulators at the conclusion of the pilot project