Unit Statistical Pension Tables - Excel Version

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​The Statistical Plan for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance (Statistical Plan) requires reporting incurred indemnity amounts on claims with lifetime benefits that reflect a case reserve based on the annuity values contained in the Pension Tables.

For more information on how to use these tables, refer to the Statistical Plan Part 7—Pension Tables. This section includes the Pension Table Usage Guide, which identifies the Jurisdiction/Act applicability and conditions that apply to each table category, as follows:

  • Surviving Spouse Pension Tables
  • Present Value of Remarriage Award Tables
  • Lifetime Benefits (Other Than Surviving Spouse) Pension Tables
  • Present Value of Survivorship Benefits Tables
  • Florida Basic and Supplemental Benefits Tables

The electronic version of the Pension Tables (Microsoft® Excel format) is available as follows, which you may view, copy, or save.

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