Resources for the New Indemnity Data Call

Posted Date: March 07, 2019

NCCI is pleased to announce that the Indemnity Data Call Reporting Guidebook is now available in the Data Manuals section of the Manuals Library on

The Indemnity Data Call Reporting Guidebook includes the reporting requirements, record layouts, data dictionary, coding values, examples, and more. This guidebook is available to all stakeholders, including carriers, business partners, and third party administrators.

For more details, including how to manage Indemnity Data Call email notifications and access the new guidebook, please review Circular IND-2019-01.

With the availability of this new guidebook, the previous Indemnity Data Call Implementation Guide (released in April 2018) has been retired and removed from

For more information on the Indemnity Data Call, refer to the Indemnity Data Call section on the Data Reporting page on The Web page features these primary resources:

  • Circulars—All Indemnity Data Call circulars are released under the IND circular series and all are posted to this Web page, in addition to being available in the Circulars section.
  • Indemnity Data Call Forms—These forms are in the Resources section and include the reporting contact form, business exclusion form and worksheets, and more.
  • Webinars on Demand—Three Indemnity Data Call Webinar on Demand training modules are available in the Learning Center. These webinars are recorded versions of previous live events: