Indemnity Data Call Resources

Posted Date: August 15, 2018

While Indemnity Data Call reporting will not begin until mid-2020, we understand the industry efforts required to gear up for future reporting. So, in September 2018, we will be offering a series of three Live Webinars to provide future Indemnity Data Call reporters (including service providers such as third party administrators) with additional information on this new data type.

NCCI subject-matter experts will host the Live Webinar experience, and they will be speaking during a visual slide show—all conducted via Web conferencing. As part of each training class, participants will have the opportunity to submit questions.

Learn more about these training sessions by accessing this link to the Indemnity Data Call Live Webinars article and to register online.

NCCI will continue to keep the industry informed via Indemnity Data Call Web page content updates and the release of Indemnity Data Call “IND”-series circulars.