Resources for the New Indemnity Data Call

Posted Date: January 03, 2020

The Indemnity Data Collection tool is now available for use in certifying your company’s Indemnity data.

In preparation for the reporting of the Indemnity Data Call, data reporters are required to be certified to report the call. The certification process is outlined through our checklist, included in Circular IND-2019-03.

If your company has submitted the required forms, especially the Data Provider Profile form, access to the Indemnity Data Collection tool will be granted.

We have also recently released FYI-IND-2019-02 to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the Indemnity Data Call.

For more information on the Indemnity Data Call, refer to the Indemnity Data Call section of the Data Reporting page on The Web page features these primary resources: