Resources for the New Indemnity Data Call

Posted Date: January 21, 2019

Legislative pricing is a core responsibility of NCCI, and our ability to fulfill that role, in addition to research initiatives, will be significantly enhanced with the implementation of the new Indemnity Data Call.

While Indemnity Data Call reporting will not begin until mid-2020, we understand the industry efforts required to gear up for this new data type. An array of Indemnity Data Call resources is available for future Call reporters to begin assessing the rules, requirements, record types, coding values, and more, for this new program.

The hub for these resources is the Indemnity Data Call section on the Data Reporting page on All data reporters, including service providers such as third party administrators, have direct access to this information. The Web page features these primary resources:

  • Implementation Guide—The Indemnity Data Call Implementation Guide (PDF) includes reporting requirements, flat-file record layouts, a data dictionary, coding values, examples, and more. The November 2018 update to this guide features additional reporting examples, reporting clarifications, and more. Refer to the Change Tracking Guide at the beginning of the guide for a listing of all the enhancements.
  • Circulars—All Indemnity Data Call circulars are released under the IND circular series, and are all posted to this Web page, in addition to being available in the Circulars section.
  • Indemnity Data Call Forms—These forms are in the Resources section and include the reporting contact form, business exclusion form and worksheets, and more.
  • Webinars on Demand—Three Indemnity Data Call Webinar on Demand training modules are available in the Learning Center. These webinars are recorded versions of previous live events: