Extraordinary Loss Event (ELE) Codes and Descriptions

Posted Date: March 23, 2020

An Extraordinary Loss Event (ELE) catastrophe is a significant loss event from a workers compensation perspective, which is determined by NCCI or the affected independent workers compensation bureau on a case-by-case basis.

The ELE catastrophe numbers have been defined, as displayed in "Extraordinary Loss Event (ELE) Codes and Descriptions (PDF)".

When an ELE has been established, the catastrophe number identified with this event is communicated by NCCI through a circular. The catastrophe numbers reserved for identifying ELEs are 11 through 99.

An overview of the reporting requirements for ELE claims are as follows:
  • Unit Statistical—Claims involving an ELE are coded using the established catastrophe code, which is reported in the catastrophe number field on the Loss Record. The rules for catastrophe code reporting are provided in the Statistical Plan, and additional information including a reporting example is provided in the Unit Statistical Reporting Guidebook.
  • Financial Calls—ELE claims are reported in the aggregate Call loss experience, and they are identified individually in Large Loss and Catastrophe Call (#31) and other Financial Calls in accordance with the rules in the Financial Call Reporting Guidebook.
  • Detailed Claim Information (DCI )—Reporting ELE claims is unique in DCI because the Extraordinary Loss Event Claim Indicator is used. Claims involved in an ELE are reported with an ELE Indicator of Y. For additional reporting rules, refer to the Detailed Claim Information Reporting Guidebook.