Celebrate Data Professionals Week at Your Office

Posted Date: February 02, 2015

In late 2014, NCCI held its fifth Data Professionals Week (DPW) to recognize the importance of data management as a profession. Our event has expanded through the years to include training classes, guest speakers, special presentations, and employee recognitions.

Your company can develop a similar DPW event that can be customized to meet your needs.

To help you get started, we created a handy planning resource that you can view, print, or download. The Data Professionals Week Event Model (PDF) can help you:

  • Determine Timing—Your DPW can take place anytime during the year—and the duration is up to you. NCCI's DPW is held in November.
  • Set Goals—Determine what you want to accomplish so that you'll have measurable results at the end.
  • Pick a Theme—Choose one that has a distinct, recurring, and unifying quality or idea.
  • Choose a Committee—Involve employees in the planning stage to ensure that you represent the interests of the larger group.
  • Develop a Daily Agenda—Focus on key aspects each day, and spice up the day's events with varied activities.
  • Create a Kickoff—Jumpstart your event with activities that promote educational opportunities, and spotlight employee personal growth success stories.
  • Conduct Educational Programs—Offer Insurance Data Management Association (IDMA)
    class(es), general insurance class(es), and targeted training on topics such as Microsoft® Excel.
  • Consider More Great Ideas—Have a kickoff breakfast, build excitement with companywide communications, and conduct fun activities.
  • Use Creative Resources—Utilize the DPW logo, Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations, certificates of achievement, and more.

Reward your data professionals by offering a DPW event at your workplace, and demonstrate your company's commitment to data management.