Services and Tools Catalog

Basic Manual for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance
Contains rules, classification descriptions, rates/loss costs for each classification, and state-specific exceptions for writing workers compensation insurance.
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Best's Underwriting Guide (part of Riskworkstation™ application)
Provides concise, in-depth descriptions on more than 575 classifications of commercial and industrial risks for accurate underwriting research. It allows you to evaluate unfamiliar lines of business, become familiar with every aspect of a risk, and assess the level of exposure to certain types of losses.
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Bureau Compliance Statistical Service (BCSS)
Provides the option for submitting Unit Statistical data for independent bureau states. BCSS helps simplify your data reporting process by submitting all your states in a single file and allows you to utilize NCCI tools to manage your data. NCCI will submit your data to the appropriate independent bureau state(s).
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