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NCCI Description
Great news! WorkComp Workstation’s Excess Loss Analysis is now even more powerful with the addition of two of our most requested enhancements.
October 26, 2020blockDiscover the Power of WorkComp Workstation's Excess Loss Reports for Large Loss AnalysisAnalysis
Experience Rating Update provides insight into the experience rating process, along with other useful tools and information.
September 29, 2020blockExperience Rating Update ReportExperience Rating
You can now search by industry group in NCCI’s Class Look-Up tool. This is just the latest in ongoing enhancements to help you power up your business and work smarter.
August 26, 2020blockFocus Your Search With NCCI's Class Look-Up ToolInfrastructure
The Tax and Assessment Directory has a new look with everything available in one Excel file. The new format provides an easy way to search and filter all the information you need.
August 17, 2020blockNew Format, New Look for Tax and Assessment DirectoryInfrastructure
Great news! WorkComp Workstation, the most current aggregated analytical tool in the industry, now includes a box plot graph as part of the Premium & Loss Dashboard.
July 13, 2020blockWorkComp Workstation - Enhanced Visualization Provides New Insight Infrastructure
NCCI is excited to release our reimagined RMAPS® Online Application Service which will modernize the way you work.
CurrentblockMeet the New RMAPS® Online Application ServiceResidual Market
Take advantage of NCCI tools to completely automate your ownership process.
June 10, 2020blockExperience Added Value With NCCI Ownership SolutionsExperience Rating
NCCI has released two popular actuarial products with new interactive features as part of our ongoing effort to modernize and offer insight into the underlying trends in workers compensation.
March 09, 2020blockUnderwriting Results, Frequency, and Severity by State: The Hover Is RealAnalysis
The new Policy Data Extract feature is now available. Export your policy data to reconcile or update your source system.
March 02, 2020blockUse the New Policy Data Extract FeatureData
NCCI is pleased to announce a new way for you to view Virginia classifications with the filing and approval of 03-VA-2019—Elimination of the Virginia Scopes Manual, effective February 1, 2020.
February 12, 2020blockVirginia Classifications Now Included in Part Two of the Basic ManualInfrastructure
NCCI is pleased to announce a new, simplified two-page ERM-14 form, based on Item Filing E-1406, Revisions to the ERM-14 Form and Rule 3-A in the Experience Rating Plan Manual.
February 03, 2020blockStreamlined ERM-14 Form Now AvailableExperience Rating
We’ve added a new comment field to Experience Rating worksheets. This update lets you know when a claim used in calculating the experience rating modification was reduced due to various reasons.
January 14, 2020blockLook for New Comment Field in Experience Rating WorksheetsExperience Rating
Discover our new Solutions page on, featuring the latest enhancements to our offerings that can help you make more informed business decisions.
December 16, 2019blockPower Up Your Business With NCCI SolutionsAnalysis, Data, Experience Rating, Infrastructure, Web Services
NCCI’s Class Look-Up tool has been updated to add customer requested code elements, including a tab showing what changes were made. These are the latest ongoing enhancements to help you power up your business and work smarter.
December 03, 2019blockClass Look-Up Enhancements Include Your Requested FeaturesInfrastructure
Learn what’s new for Excess Loss Factor (ELF) Parameters and Tables and Loss Development Exhibits.
November 25, 2019blockKeep Current With Our Newly Updated Actuarial SolutionsAnalysis
Discover new ways WorkComp Workstation and State Insight are key resources in your market analysis.
October 02, 2019blockGet More Value From Two of Our Most Popular ToolsAnalysis
Work smarter with NCCI’s free Class Look-Up tool, now featuring Scopes® Manual descriptions.
August 05, 2019blockTransform Your Research With Class Look-Up's New Scopes FeatureInfrastructure
When pricing workers comp policies, it pays to know that a business is classified correctly. Riskworkstation now displays inspection information so you can verify class codes and make better underwriting decisions.
June 19, 2019blockInspection Info Now in RiskworkstationExperience Rating
Your experience of responding to unit validation suspect conditions using the enhanced process and new functionality is now streamlined and more efficient—giving you the ability to make corrections or add explanations sooner.
June 03, 2019blockJust Enhanced! Your Experience of Responding to Unit Validation Suspect ConditionsData
Get a better view of workers compensation with State Insight, now with even more great information, including a new map showing the latest status of marijuana legalization by state.
April 19, 2019blockHave You Seen State Insight Lately? New Look! More Data!Analysis
NCCI is excited to offer a new tool that makes it easy and efficient to report ownership transactions for experience rating purposes.
January 14, 2019blockPlug In & Power Up With Experience Rating Ownership SubmissionExperience Rating
Explore NCCI’s Class Look-Up, an innovative, new tool designed to modernize your access to class code and stat code information.
September 17, 2018blockPlug In & Power Up With Class Look-UpInfrastructure
NCCI is excited to announce new features for ALFs on Demand, our innovative tool that provides real-time calculations for retrospectively rated policies.
September 04, 2018blockPlug In & Power Up With ALFs on Demand - Now With New FeaturesAnalysis
The workers comp industry can benefit from a new, innovative solution for generating policy-specific results to price retrospectively rated business called Aggregate Loss Factors (ALFs) on Demand.
July 16, 2018blockWelcome to ALFs on DemandAnalysis
NCCI’s ALFs on Demand is a new and innovative tool that provides real-time calculations for retrospectively rated policies.
July 09, 2018blockPlug In & Power Up With Aggregate Loss Factors (ALFs) on DemandAnalysis
Check out the new and exciting product releases NCCI is offering in 2018. Enhance your access to analysis and risk-specific information.
April 16, 2018blockPlug In & Power Up With 2018 Product EnhancementsAnalysis, Experience Rating, Infrastructure, Web Services
NCCI, the source you trust for workers compensation information, is excited to announce our newest enhancements to WorkComp Workstation (WCWS), the most current aggregated information tool in the industry.
March 21, 2018blockPower Your Analysis With WorkComp WorkstationAnalysis
Learn how NCCI is upgrading its risk product suite with new automated solutions to help you improve efficiency, save time, and lower costs.
January 10, 2018blockExciting Enhancements to Modernize Delivery of Workers Comp Risk InformationExperience Rating