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December 16, 2019blockAnalysis, Data, Experience Rating, Infrastructure, Web ServicesPower Up Your Business With NCCI Solutions
When pricing workers comp policies, it pays to know that a business is classified correctly. Riskworkstation now displays inspection information so you can verify class codes and make better underwriting decisions.
June 19, 2019blockExperience RatingInspection Info Now in Riskworkstation
NCCI is excited to offer a new tool that makes it easy and efficient to report ownership transactions for experience rating purposes.
January 14, 2019blockExperience RatingPlug In & Power Up With Experience Rating Ownership Submission
Take advantage of NCCI tools to completely automate your ownership process.
June 10, 2020blockExperience RatingExperience Added Value With NCCI Ownership Solutions
Experience Rating Update provides insight into the experience rating process, along with other useful tools and information.
September 29, 2020blockExperience RatingExperience Rating Update Report
We’ve added a new comment field to Experience Rating worksheets. This update lets you know when a claim used in calculating the experience rating modification was reduced due to various reasons.
January 14, 2020blockExperience RatingLook for New Comment Field in Experience Rating Worksheets
NCCI is pleased to announce a new, simplified two-page ERM-14 form, based on Item Filing E-1406, Revisions to the ERM-14 Form and Rule 3-A in the Experience Rating Plan Manual.
February 03, 2020blockExperience RatingStreamlined ERM-14 Form Now Available