Residual Market Forum 2021 - Program

Posted Date: December 03, 2020

The RMF 2021 program will focus on key updates and NCCI activities that support the residual market including:

Eddie Herrera, Director of Plan Administration, NCCI
An introduction to NCCI’s Residual Market Forum 2021, including a brief overview of the 2021 Servicing Carrier Selection process schedule.

The State of the Residual Market
Cliff Merritt, Senior Division Executive, Residual Markets, NCCI
An overview of 2020 residual market operating results, statistics, and other highlights regarding the state of the residual market.

NCCI’s Atlas Initiative Update
Melissa Palmer, Executive Director–Regulatory Projects, NCCI
Tara Mercer, Information Solutions Consultant, NCCI

NCCI’s Atlas Initiative Team will provide an update on its journey since our last meeting in 2020 which includes:

  • an overview of a new Residual Market Manual,
  • examples of newly transformed content,
  • key milestones recently met, and
  • an overview of what is planned for 2021.
Closing Remarks
Eddie Herrera, Director of Plan Administration, NCCI
Wrap up with questions and answers.
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