Assigned Carrier Performance Standards

Posted Date: Current

NCCI has created Assigned Carrier Performance Standards that are results oriented and meet the needs of the:

  • Reinsurance pools administered or serviced by NCCI
  • Regulators
  • Assigned carriers
  • Policyholders
  • Injured workers in the various jurisdictions

Starting in 1997, armed with input from state regulators, NCCI began to make changes that focused on the quality of service rather than timeliness standards only. As part of that process, stakeholders provided input on a one-on-one basis. Once the information was compiled, the draft standards were provided to a group of insurance companies (both servicing carriers and non-servicing carriers) for their feedback. This process resulted in the 1998 Servicing Carrier Performance Standards, which provided enhanced levels of service and were designed to be more results-oriented. 

The Servicing Carrier Performance Standards have undergone updates over the years, ultimately resulting in the 2009 edition of NCCI’s Assigned Carrier Performance Standards (Performance Standards).  These Performance Standards are applicable in most Plan jurisdictions for policies effective and claims that occur on or after January 1, 2009.

Each carrier is responsible for complying with all statutes, regulations, and Plan rules, as well as the Performance Standards. Where these Performance Standards conflict with state laws or regulations, the more stringent applies. Where these Performance Standards conflict with carrier enhanced standards through a bid process and/or contract, the more stringent applies.  NCCI’s Performance Standards have been developed based on many years of review, input, and discussion of “reasonable practices” and what we believe will produce, overall, the best possible results for all of the stakeholders in the residual market.