Our System at Work


Every time an employee successfully returns to work after an injury, it's a success for the entire workers compensation system. NCCI, with the participation of insurers, employers, state-supported programs, and employees, is sharing stories of how our system works effectively when we collaborate for a positive outcome. Each story is different, but all the stakeholders share a common goal—to help injured workers recover and successfully return to work.

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Recovering From a Nightmare: Assualted Employee Returns to Work in 10 Weeks

After suffering a violent attack during a workplace robbery, a close partnership between his employer and insurer helps John to recover and return to work.

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Getting a Second Opinion on Care Saves Employee's Leg

After he is injured on the job, strong advocacy for Dan's care and a second opinion save his leg and improve his outlook for the future.

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Communication and Quality Care Are Key to Head Trauma Recovery

Following a critical head injury, Leonel's future was uncertain—coordinated care allowed him to achieve a full recovery and return to work.

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Oregon Commits to Returning Injured Employees to Work

With the assistance of Oregon's Preferred Worker Program, Chris, a severely injured big-rig worker, was able to start a new chapter in his life.

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