NCCI's Atlas Initiative Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) about NCCI’s Atlas Initiative will provide you with information as we move through different phases of the project. NCCI will update the FAQs with responses to additional questions that our stakeholders submit as we go through this journey together.

Posted Date: December 18, 2020
Project Benefits

This multiyear initiative will modernize and transform the way NCCI delivers key information, starting with our manuals and circulars. NCCI’s Atlas Initiative will create a new and easier way of navigating nearly 100 years of workers compensation information. We are transforming how we write, manage, and distribute information to provide our stakeholders with answers that are current, direct, and easy to find.

We are mapping key NCCI information that you access every day and creating new connections that provide the personalized information you need. You will be able to search for information by topic, state, and market type, for example, based on customer feedback.

NCCI is using modern industry standards to structure our information by topic to eliminate information overload.

By taking a fresh look at our internal processes for filing changes to rules, classifications, and forms, we will identify processes that we can streamline to provide improved access to information.

NCCI’s Atlas Initiative is in response to our stakeholders’ feedback. It will provide benefits to all types of customers including:

  • Regulators, who will benefit from concise and efficient delivery of filings and supporting information
  • Carriers, who will be able to consume information in a variety of formats
  • Agents, who will have access to classification and Scopes® Manual information at no charge in the Class Look-Up tool

We are modernizing NCCI content and including stakeholder perspective to ensure that we format our content so that it is easy to find and immediately used. We are giving NCCI content a look from your perspective to ensure that we design, structure, and optimize it for your needs today and in the future. The content will be topic-based for fast and relevant retrieval and presented in a format that you can quickly scan to provide the most accurate information. This enhanced structure will transform and speed our filing process, so that you will have the information you need more quickly.

Agile Process for Delivery

Due to the size and number of exhibits attached to the Item filing, NCCI is submitting the Item filing to each state regulator individually. NCCI has divided its states into three groups; the Items filings will be submitted to the regulators group-by-group, beginning in December 2020 through January 2021.

Transforming 100 years of information takes time to do correctly. Using Agile project management is a strategy for iterative development that focuses on communication and feedback, adapting to change and producing working results as rapidly as possible. You will see continuous improvements to NCCI’s information solutions as we incorporate requested customer requirements, enhancements, updates, and delivery options. So you will see changes over the course of the project with frequent updates to our tools that increase functionality and improve content. Our goal is to provide a transformed experience in a timely manner.

Using Agile methodology, you will see incremental delivery of manual content and/or functionality, meaning that NCCI will start by filing each manual separately in a staggered manner. As an interim solution, NCCI will continue to publish manual content to the current Manuals Library. As state regulators approve NCCI filings for their states, NCCI will publish those state’s approved manual in PDF and HTML formats for convenience. This is intended to be an interim solution until the new delivery platform is available.

NCCI is working on a new and improved application that will contain the newly transformed manuals with enhanced functionality, while still providing a link to the “archived” Manuals Library. The new experience will allow you to compare topics across multiple states, compare content to see the changes made, and ultimately, allow you to personalize your experience by saving your most commonly referenced information for future use (personalized books).

Project Features

NCCI understands that the numbering sequence is important. The numbering sequence that NCCI is implementing will be informational, allowing content to be referenced by our users. In structuring our content by topic level, you should see a reduction in the levels of hierarchy in our manuals. You will be able to quickly scan the table of contents for the topic or topics you need. The new sequencing will allow us to add content for topics at any time, as well as identify the source of the content.

Yes. As part of the initial rollout, NCCI will file the Basic Manual for each state. We will present the information in PDF and HTML pages on Subsequent releases will allow comparison by state and you will be able to incorporate nonfiled examples into the appropriate companion manuals and sections. For example, this will include NCCI’s Basic Manual (filed and approved rules) and Basic Manual User's Guide (nonfiled examples).

NCCI will create a new structure with specific topics that will allow you to find answers quickly and easily.

Yes. As part of the future enhancements planned for this multiyear project, we are exploring this functionality based on stakeholder feedback. NCCI’s plan is to make continuous enhancements to this new tool as we transform and publish content.

Yes. Over time, as more manual content is transformed and more topics are added to your view, you will be able to personalize your experience by topic, state, and market type.

Yes. Based on feedback from our customers, we intend to provide a new feature that will allow you to perform online comparisons of information by date, state, and topic. This feature will be available on subsequent releases of transformed manual content.

NCCI is in the process of eliminating hard copy production of our manuals due to limited need; however, we recognize the need to be able to produce PDF copies for various purposes, e.g., regulatory, legal, or compliance. To address this need, you will be able to create a PDF of a manual that has been through the transformational process, including NCCI’s Basic Manual, Experience Rating Plan Manual, Retrospective Rating Plan Manual, Forms Manual, and Statistical Plan.

You will continue to have access to previous filed and “retired” manuals in the archived Manuals Library. In the future, you will also be able to view and print by date and compare previous content to new updates that have been made.

In the future, you will be able to create a manual based on your choice of effective or publish dates in PDF format. Previously filed and retired manuals will be available in the archived Manuals Library.

Yes. Based on stakeholder feedback, we will create a new Residual Market Manual that will be available by state. This will include all the rules currently in Basic Manual Rule 4, Assigned Risk Rates, Assigned Risk Premium Algorithms, and Miscellaneous Rules.

Item Filing-Related Questions

The Basic Manual and Residual Market Manual filings will be effective November 1, 2021.

As NCCI transforms the content, we will file it with regulators for manuals that are required to be filed. Any changes to filed content will be filed with a proposed future effective date and will be outlined for you in the memorandum for each state. We will review the impact of any changes to carriers (e.g., systems) and employers to determine the appropriate lead time for an effective date. The effective date will be included as part of the NCCI announcement circular.

This FAQ will be updated with additional information about future manual filings as we get closer to the filing date.

We do not expect the number of item filings that NCCI submits to change. However, by filing at a topic level, the filing size should be smaller and more easily reviewed. The changes will streamline the review process and reduce the amount of time that carriers will need to implement changes.

Project Impacts

We will be changing the structure and numbering sequence of our manuals, which should not result in any significant technology impact. There may be some changes as to how you access or refer to our information. We advise you to review your current process if you are updating:

  • your systems
  • internal SharePoint sites with NCCI content (e.g., links to be updated), or
  • using a third-party vendor to maintain your systems.

NCCI can work with you or your vendors during this transition.

Please Note: Until NCCI launches the new solution for this initiative and the URL path has been finalized, links to NCCI content should not be created or updated in your systems. Our target date for this solution is Fourth Quarter 2021.

Yes, NCCI is available to assist with any questions during this transition. If you need assistance, please contact your NCCI representative, e.g., NCCI’s Customer Service Center (800-NCCI-123), affiliate services executive, or state relations executive.

As of March 1,2020, the following manuals will be retired:

  • Virginia Scopes Manual was eliminated and archived as of February 1, 2020
  • Tax and Assessment Directory is being converted to an online Excel tool as of August 17, 2020
  • Class and Statistical Code Manual will be retired, as the information will be available at no charge in the Class Look-Up Tool, effective January 1, 2021

The context of the content will be the same, but we will increase the functionality and delivery options online that we cannot reproduce in a PDF. The new experience will allow you to compare topics across multiple states, compare content to see the changes made, and ultimately, allow you to personalize your experience by saving your most commonly referenced information for future use (personalized books).

This article is provided solely as a reference tool to be used for informational purposes only.