Tips for Completing Assigned Risk Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Arrangement Applications

Posted Date: Current

Industry InformationProfessional Employer Organizations (PEO)

The following are situations/items that, if not completed or provided, may delay binder issuance to eligible employers:

  • Appropriate supplemental PEO applications.
  • Copy of PEO registration and/or license.
  • Signed copy of the PEO contract for each client obtaining workers compensation and employers liability insurance.
  • Proper submission of the initial or deposit premium. Refer to NCCI’s Workers Compensation Insurance Plan State Instruction Pages for state-specific rules.
  • Correct corporate officer titles, ownership percentage, class codes, and duties, even if the corporate officer is being excluded from coverage.
  • Complete physical location, nature of business, class code, and payroll for the leased workers.
  • Applications that are not signed by the executive officer, partners, LLC member, owner, or person authorized to legally bind coverage.
  • Only states that have approved the same PEO rules can be combined on the same application.