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​NCCI Research Highlights

Medicare Set-Asides and Workers Compensation: 2018 Update

This update builds on a September 2014 study that NCCI conducted on Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs). It’s based on data from approximately 11,500 MSAs submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services between September 2009 and December 2015.

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​Regulatory, Legislative & Legal Issues

Hot Topics in Workers Compensation

NCCI continually monitors issues that could potentially impact the workers compensation system. As the 2018 legislative sessions begin across the states, new legislative proposals are already on the horizon that may shape many of the topics on our radar.

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​Economic & Financial Updates

Quarterly Economics Briefing

NCCI's Quarterly Economics Briefing examines the current state of the economy and implications for workers compensation insurance. The report is presented in two sections: Review of Current Conditions and Drilling Down.

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​Topics of Interest

NCCI's Carrier Executive Pulse Survey Defines Healthcare Costs and Uncertainty as the Top 2018 Challenge in Workers Compensation Insurance

The Carrier Executive Pulse is a survey of senior carrier executives that identifies key industry issues which are “top of mind” for workers compensation insurers.

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