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​NCCI Research Highlights

Medical Cost Trends: Then and Now

In Accident year 2015, claims costs decreased by 1% for the first year-over-year decline in more than 20 years. Learn more about this phenomenon with NCCI’s research paper.

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​Regulatory, Legislative & Legal Issues

Keeping an Eye on Air Ambulance Costs

Learn why the issue of costly air ambulance charges is a hot topic being discussed in several states and the U.S. Congress.

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​Economic & Financial Updates

Workers Compensation Financial Results Update

In this report, NCCI provides updated results for 2016, as well as preliminary estimates for Calendar Year 2017.

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​Topics of Interest

Discover NCCI's Interactive Class Tree Map

Dive into workers comp data at the classification level with NCCI’s interactive class tree map—available to NCCI affiliates, regulators, and independent bureaus.

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