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​NCCI Research Highlights

Medical Services and How They Contribute to the Cost of WC Claims

In this paper, NCCI examines how the mix of medical services varies substantially by claim size and maturity, and that payout rates vary by claim size and service group.

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​Regulatory, Legislative & Legal Issues

Court Case Update, Countrywide - October 2018

This Court Case Update provides a look at some of the cases and decisions being monitored by NCCI’s Legal Division, which may impact and shape the future of workers compensation across the states.

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​Economic & Financial Updates

2018 Workers Compensation Financial Results Update

In this report, NCCI provides updated results for 2017, as well as preliminary estimates for Calendar Year 2018.

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​Topics of Interest

NCCI Explains Its Top 3 Frequency Measures

In this article, we examine the three frequency measures most often cited and published by NCCI along with the primary uses of each measure.

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