View Your Claim Linking With Data Manager Dashboard

Posted Date: April 16, 2021

With its latest enhancement, Data Manager Dashboard (DMD) now allows you to view your claim linking reporting and identify any systemic issues.

A new view, Linking/Verification, has been added to the Summary Screen of DMD. This view is designed for informational purposes and provides you with statistics on claim linking for Financial Calls 31 and 33, Detailed Claim Information (DCI), Pool, Indemnity, and Medical in comparison to your Unit Statistical data claim submissions.

This new view provides you with:

  • Unit Claim Linking—compares your Financial Calls 31 and 33, DCI, and Pool claims to your Unit Statistical claims. Details of the elements that could not be used for linking are provided by data type.
  • Unit Key Field Verification—compares your indemnity and medical claims to Unit Statistical claims. Access to the Indemnity Data Collection tool and Medical Data Collection tool are provided to view the claims that did not match.

This view is used for informational purposes to assist in identifying any claims that did not link or match. Before making any modifications to your data based on results, contact your assigned NCCI data validators.

To become familiar with the new view and what details are provided, access the Claim Linking Quick Start Guide.