POC State Guide - Idaho

Posted Date: December 14, 2020

As a POC service provider NCCI’s approach is to provide guidance to carriers on proof of coverage reporting guidelines. This guide is not intended to provide carrier notice to insured filing requirements.

All information provided in this guide is subject to change and dependent on notification from the state. Please refer to the applicable Workers Compensation Statutes or Rules for additional information.

NCCI POC Service Start Date August 1, 1997
POC Contact Information

Industrial Commission of Idaho
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0041
Street Address:
700 S. Clearwater Lane
Boise, ID 83712-7708

Contact Name: Dori Ritchie
Tel: 208-334-6031
Fax: 208-334-5145
Email: dori.ritchie@iic.idaho.gov

How NCCI Provides POC Data to State
  • IAIABC POC 3.0 Format
  • Proof of Coverage Inquiry

Note: Carriers should contact POCA@ncci.com prior to reporting workers compensation coverage in Idaho for the first time.

POC Timeliness Reporting Requirements
Transaction Received Date

NCCI’s received date is used to determine timeliness on POC transactions accepted by the state.


Due within 30 days after the Policy Effective Date.

Idaho does not accept POC Notices.


Due 10 days prior to the Cancellation Effective Date for nonpayment cancellations, nonreport, material misrepresentation by the insured, substantial and unforeseen changes in the risk, substantial breaches of contractual duties, conditions of warranties, and for cancellations at the employer's request.

All other cancellations are due 60 days prior to the Cancellation Effective Date.


Due within 30 days after the Reinstatement Effective Date.


Idaho is a continuous coverage state. Nonrenewals are required and must be reported 60 days prior to the effective date of the nonrenewal cancellation.

POC Data Reporting Requirements

Data Elements:

  • Deductible Data Elements—when a policy covers Idaho and the coverage is written under a deductible program, Record Type 43—Deductible Endorsement must be reported with the State Code 11 and the following elements:
    • Losses Subject to Deductible Code
    • Basis of Deductible Calculation Code
    • Deductible Amount Per Claim/Accident
  • Refer to the POC Data Element Requirements Chart located in NCCI’s Policy and Proof of Coverage (POC) Reporting Guidebook for all requirements

Address Reporting—No Physical Location:

  • When there is no physical location in the state, Idaho will accept Employer Names linked to:
    • Address Type 6—No Physical Location
    • Idaho will not accept Employer Names linked to an Address Type 2—Location of Operations with an Out-of-State Address

State Processing Exceptions:

  • None
POC Penalties & Appeals
POC Fines

No fines are assessed for late reporting or missing POC data.


No appeals process is in place because no POC fines are being assessed.

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This guide is provided solely as a reference tool to be used for the limited purpose of providing information to carriers regarding the reporting of proof of coverage information in various states. The information in this guide shall not be construed or interpreted as providing of legal or any other advice as to the cancellation, renewal or nonrenewal of an insurance policy or contract. Use of this guide for any purpose other than as set forth herein is strictly prohibited.

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