ER Split Data Reporting Guide Moving to Manuals Library

Posted Date: August 31, 2018

NCCI is pleased to announce that the Experience Rating (ER) Split Data Reporting Guide is now located in the Data Manuals section of the Manuals Library on

Implemented in 2016, ER Split Data is used to report experience when:

  • A client leaves a PEO arrangement covered under a master policy and the PEO’s data provider reports to NCCI the client’s data developed during the employee leasing arrangement
  • A client is covered in Nevada under a PEO master policy, and the PEO’s data provider reports the client’s data concurrent with reporting Unit Statistical data for the PEO’s policy
  • When changes in ownership interest affect the use of an entity’s experience in future experience ratings

The Experience Rating Split Data section under Data Reporting, General on will no longer contain a link to the guide or edit matrices for ER Split Data. Similar to all Data Reporting manuals, the edit matrices will be linked directly to the manual
(Part 7—Edit Matrices). Under this section, you will continue to find the Experience Rating (ER) Split Data Reporting Template, links to the PEO—Employee Leasing Forms, which contain the hard copy forms, and an example of the Request for Separate Experience Data form—sent by NCCI when additional experience is needed once changes in ownership interest affects an entity’s future experience ratings.

To learn more about ER Split Data, visit the Learning Center to view the Overview of Experience Rating (ER) Split Data Webinar on Demand.