Data Reports Guide

Posted Date: July 5, 2018

The Data Reports Guide has been updated with the addition of a new tab for ER Split Data reports and includes the following:

  • ER Split Data Submission Results Report
  • ER Split Data Certification Submission Results Report

NCCI’s Data Reports Guide is a complete listing of all NCCI-generated and customer-generated data reports and includes report names, descriptions, schedules, and available formats.

NCCI-Generated Reports—Distributed on a production schedule. For most reports, an email will be sent to you indicating that the report is available.

Customer-Generated Reports—Requested by you using defined parameters. Most reports will be available to view immediately on-screen.

The Data Reports Guide is organized by the following data types:

  • Policy
  • Proof of Coverage (POC)
  • Unit
  • Unit Report Control (URC)
  • Detailed Claim Information (DCI)
  • Financial Calls, Pool, and Medical
  • ER Split Data

View the Data Reports Guide (Excel) for details on all of the data reports.