Cliff Merritt


Cliff Merritt, Senior Division Executive—Residual Markets, is responsible for administering the workers compensation residual market reinsurance pools and assigned risk plans approved in NCCI states.

He was previously NCCI’s director of reinsurance and was responsible for coordinating NCCI’s resources as administrator of workers compensation residual market reinsurance pools for various states, as well as overseeing the servicing carrier indemnification and premium collections process.

In addition to his 30-plus years of residual market experience with NCCI, Mr. Merritt served as vice president and chief financial officer for a worker’s compensation insurance carrier. He was also the chief operating officer for a commercial litigation law firm that specialized in workers compensation premium fraud litigation.

Mr. Merritt graduated from William Paterson University (formerly William Paterson College of New Jersey).

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Cliff Merritt
Senior Division Executive—Residual Markets