NCCI Earns Green Plus™ Certification for Eco-Friendly Practices

Posted Date: Current

​BOCA RATON, Fla. (September 27, 2011)—The North Carolina Research Triangle-based Institute for Sustainable Development awarded NCCI Holdings, Inc. in Boca Raton its Green Plus™ certification, the institute's highest level of recognition for organizations' sustainability practices. The certification is the culmination of NCCI's energy-saving and environmentally conscious efforts over the past three years.

Big and small changes at NCCI have saved it money and put fewer biodegradable products in landfills. Those modifications include upgrading how the company cools its data center, a move that saved the company more than $125,000 a year in energy costs; installing motion sensors in conference rooms to turn off lights when not in use; and putting in outdoor LED lights. Among many other changes, NCCI switched from using propane to natural gas in its kitchen, started buying all of its produce from local farmers, and shifted to using decomposable coffee cups. In addition, the company encourages employees to consider green practices at home and work. More environmental initiatives are planned.

"When and where we can, we're conserving as much energy as possible, which can result in sizable savings for the company," said James Wolfe, NCCI's director of Administrative Services and co-leader of its Green Plus team. "It makes sense for us to do, and it's the right thing to do."

The institute created the Green Plus certification as a business improvement program that provides a road map for bottom-line sustainability issues for enterprises across the United States. To obtain the certification, each organization goes through a rigorous evaluation process. To date, about 50 organizations out of a field of about 250 participants have achieved full Green Plus Certified status.

"Internally, we have known about and seen the many sustainable practices NCCI has put in place, so it's nice when an outside expert organization recognizes those efforts," said Joanne Barbour, division executive—IT Infrastructure. "Over time, our commitment makes a difference not only on the company's bottom line, but in our daily lives and in the environment we leave for future generations."
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