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Residual Markets
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Access a comprehensive portfolio of residual market resources here on Find specific information for employers and producers, and learn what programs and services NCCI is developing for servicing carriers and the residual market.  Here you can also find information on the Plan versus the Pool, year-end results, quarterly state activity, policy counts, premium volume, assignment statistics, and more.

Contains information about various residual market and assigned risk programs, including current state rating programs, the Loss Sensitive Rating Program, the Assigned Risk Adjustment Program, and the Paid Loss Ratio Incentive Program.

Assigned Risk Adjustment Program
This brochure explains NCCI’s Assigned Risk Adjustment Program (ARAP), a surcharge for certain employers in the assigned risk market.
Posted Date: June 1, 2011

Workers Compensation Loss Prevention Program
This Workers Compensation Loss Prevention Program article provides information to help employers establish and maintain loss prevention programs.
Posted Date: October 23, 2007