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Regulatory Activities
Continually updated information about how businesses are classified by NCCI and whom to contact with questions about classifications. Also contains schedules for State Advisory Forums—informational sessions open to the public that promote an understanding of national and state workers compensation issues—and schedules for Web-based educational programs on workers compensation topics for state regulators.

Legislative Activity
NCCI’s Underwriting Committee provides technical input and an industry perspective on proposed changes to the national system of workers compensation rules, rating plans, programs, classifications, policy forms, and other underwriting considerations.
Posted Date: July 02, 2015

Regulator Education Courses
For 2015, this Web-based program will include 12 courses on a variety of workers compensation topics. You can participate from your office using your PC and telephone to get the information you need—without leaving your desk!
Posted Date: June 02, 2015

NCCI's 2015 Classification Inspection Program Update—Top Five Reclassified Codes
Based on an analysis of inspections completed between 2012 and the end of 2014 in all NCCI states (excluding Texas), NCCI has identified the five classification codes that are most commonly reclassified.
Posted Date: May 28, 2015

Virtual Annual Issues Symposium 2014 (Featuring TRIA Update)
We’ve put together the most important videos from this year’s Annual Issues Symposium, along with an updated webinar on TRIA.
Posted Date: July 29, 2014

Experience Rating Split Point
NCCI recently completed a comprehensive review of its Experience Rating Plan. As a result of that review, and in order to maintain the Plan’s optimal performance, NCCI submitted Item E-1402 for state regulatory approval.
Posted Date: Current

Dispute Resolution Process
NCCI provides dispute resolution services in all NCCI states that are designed to provide an opportunity for policyholders and carriers to resolve disputes without the need for litigation.
Posted Date: Current