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Minutes, Presentations & Materials
NCCI hosts a variety of conferences to help educate our customers about workers compensation insurance. Events include the Annual Issues Symposium—which features experts speaking on current workers compensation topics like terrorism risk insurance—and specialty workshops for data reporting and assigned risk insurance. Here are minutes, presentations, and materials for a close-up look at these conferences.

NCCI Underwriting Committee Agendas and Minutes
NCCI’s Underwriting Committee meets several times a year to review, provide technical input and an industry perspective regarding proposed changes to the national system of workers compensation.
Posted Date: March 02, 2015

NCCI Individual Risk Rating Working Group Agendas and Minutes
The NCCI Individual Risk Rating Working Group (IRRWG) is a subcommittee of the NCCI Actuarial Committee. Its primary focus is on the research and review of NCCI’s experience rating and retrospective rating plans.
Posted Date: February 18, 2015

NCCI Actuarial Committee Agendas and Minutes
NCCI continually researches and refines its methodologies to keep processes, approaches, and systems state-of-the-art. The NCCI Actuarial Committee meets several times a year to discuss key research and ratemaking analyses for the benefit of industry.
Posted Date: February 09, 2015

Presentations Available—2015 Data Educational Program
Take this opportunity to view the presentations and data tool user's guides from NCCI's 2015 Data Educational Program held in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Posted Date: February 06, 2015

NCCI Medical Data Call Research Committee Agendas and Minutes
NCCI performs research on public policy issues relevant to workers compensation. The NCCI Medical Data Call Research Committee meets at least twice a year to discuss certain research projects proposed by NCCI that would use the Medical Data Call.
Posted Date: January 14, 2015

News From Annual Issues Symposium 2014
View NCCI’s exclusive State of the Line report and other insightful industry information from AIS 2014!
Posted Date: May 19, 2014

State Advisory Forum Presentations
Access information for both the national and state workers compensation environments.
Posted Date: Current

NCCI Catastrophic Loss Subcommittee Agendas and Minutes
In 2003 and 2004 this subcommittee of the Actuarial Committee met to discuss possible improvements to NCCI’s treatment of individual large losses in aggregate ratemaking.
Posted Date: Current