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Pool Data
Pool Data is reported by servicing carriers of the NCCI-managed Pools. Pool Data is used to determine cash settlements between servicing carriers and pool participating companies. NCCI compiles the financial operating results for each of these reinsurance pooling mechanisms, and provides resulting allocations to participating companies pursuant to the applicable quota share reinsurance agreements. The following types of Pool data are reported:
  • Transmittal Record Data (NP-1)—Summarized grand totals for all states and policy years
  • Quarterly Financial Data (NP-4)—Summarized premiums, allowances, fees, and paid and outstanding losses by state and policy year
  • Quarterly Expanded Data (NPX)—Detailed financial data that is a subset of NP-4 data and used for actuarial analysis
  • Loss Sensitive Rating Plan Data (LSRP/LSR)—Detailed policy and claim information for LSR policies
  • Residual Market Large Loss Data (LGL)—Large loss claims per threshold amount
  • Pool Uncollectible Premium Data (NP-8)—Information on premiums billed that are not collected and are past due, for which carriers are reimbursed for actual producer fees paid

The following are the latest announcements, updates, and other information that help carriers submit timely and accurate Pool data.

If you do not have access to our online circulars, manuals, and/or data tools referenced in this section, please contact Customer Service.

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