Just Released! Expanded Mods Web Service

Posted Date: January 03, 2019
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NCCI introduces the latest in our Web service offerings, available to NCCI affiliates. Based on stakeholder feedback, we’ve included even more valuable data in our Mods Web service to enhance your underwriting analysis.

New elements include:

  • Classification codes
  • Indicator for class code with the most payroll
  • Policyholder primary address
  • Policyholder additional names and addresses
  • Mod history increase from 6 to 10 years

Expanded Mods Web service joins Experience Rating Worksheets and Risk History Reports Web services to complete our suite of risk-specific data that enables real-time integration between your systems and NCCI’s.

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To request technical specifications, contact our Customer Service Center at 800-NCCI-123 (800-622-4123).