Experience Rating Premium Eligibility Threshold

Posted Date: December 04, 2015

View NCCI’s Item E-1404—Establishment of a Methodology to Calculate Experience Rating Premium Eligibility Amounts FAQs (PDF)

In December 2015, NCCI submitted a countrywide item filing to update the premium eligibility amounts in its Experience Rating Plan.

  • This one‐time item filing establishes the first indexed premium eligibility amounts and the indexing methodology that will be used in future years.
  • Upon item filing approval, the effective date of the new (initial) premium eligibility amounts will be six months after the effective date of each state’s next loss cost/rate filing, beginning with loss cost/rate filings effective January 1, 2017, and later.
  • Subsequent changes to the premium eligibility amounts will be included in individual state loss cost/rate filings. Future indexing would be effective six months after the rate/loss cost filing effective date.