NCCI Releases Its Regulatory and Legislative Trends Report

Posted Date: July 31, 2019

(Boca Raton, FL, July 31, 2019)—The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) released its 2019 Regulatory and Legislative Trends Report. This resource for workers compensation industry stakeholders provides an overview of key legislative, regulatory, judicial, and other developments. The publication is released annually to align with the legislative cycle, and includes the latest countrywide, regional, and individual state actions and trends as of June 30, 2019.

“Our Regulatory and Legislative Trends Report monitors what’s happening around the workers compensation system to keep stakeholders updated and to help them make informed decisions,” said Bill Donnell, president and CEO of NCCI.

“Legislation impacting first responders continued to be a hot topic this year,” said Laura Kersey, author of the report and NCCI Executive Director, Regulatory & Legislative Analysis. “NCCI tracked 122 bills addressing workers compensation coverage for first responders. The bills included compensability for certain cancers and other diseases, as well as compensability for mental-only injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. The report also highlights hot topics and legislative trends, such as the legalization of marijuana.”

In this report you will learn about:

  • Key legislative themes and significant legislative proposals from around the country
  • Court cases impacting workers compensation
  • New administrators
  • Average approved changes in loss costs and rates

To read the full report, click here.

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Founded in 1923, the mission of the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) is to foster a healthy workers compensation system. In support of this mission, NCCI gathers data, analyzes industry trends, and provides objective insurance rate and loss cost recommendations. These activities—combined with a comprehensive set of tools and services—make NCCI the source you trust for workers compensation information

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