Meet the New RMAPS® Online Application Service

Posted Date: Current

NCCI is excited to release our reimagined RMAPS® Online Application Service which will modernize the way you work. Designed with the workers compensation industry in mind, the new RMAPS® tool is quality-centered and offers these features:

  • Comprehensive state and rule-driven options—with guidance provided in real-time—to ensure the proper application of state rules and programs
  • Descriptive edits and detailed Premium Calculation Worksheets (e.g., separation of state and federal exposures)
  • Dynamic and intuitive application data entry
  • Binder Letter enhancements

Check out the following video to see the new RMAPS® Online Application Service and then put it to work for you.  

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Center at 800-NCCI-123 (800-622-4123).