Residual Market Forum Precertification Training Modules

Posted Date: January 18, 2019

Precertification is required for all potential new Servicing Carriers and for carriers that have not acted as a Servicing Carrier within the prior three years.

By completing these required training modules, you will learn about how to become eligible to submit a bid to become a Servicing Carrier. After you view this entire training series, take these steps to continue the precertification process:

  1. Submit the Precertification Training Confirmation form to

  2. Attendance at the NCCI Residual Market Forum is also required.

Precertification Modules Roadmap

Module 1—Introduction to the Residual Market

Overview of the Residual Market Plan and Pool (Time: 4:07)
Learn how the Plan administration and Pool reinsurance functions differ but work together to service the residual market.

Plan Participation Overview (Time: 2:38)
An overview of carriers’ options of fulfilling their obligation to participate in the residual market.

Module 2—Becoming a Servicing Carrier

Servicing Carrier Timeline (Time: 4:52)
A summary of the time frame and process for becoming a Servicing Carrier.

Introduction to Precertification (Time: 2:28)
An introduction of the precertification process for potential new Servicing Carriers.

Servicing Carrier Selection Process (Time: 4:07)
This session outlines the steps involved in the selection process.

Module 3—Application Process

Application Processing (Time: 3:43)
Information on NCCI’s Assigned Risk Application process through our RMAPS® Online Application Service.

Assignment Mechanism (Time: 2:28)
NCCI’s mechanism that randomly assigns bound applications to Direct Assignment and Servicing Carriers.

Module 4—Residual Market Programs

Residual Market Pricing Programs and Coverages (Time: 2:28)
An explanation of the Assigned Risk pricing programs and coverages.

Performance Standards (Time: 2:48)
A review of the required Assigned Carrier Performance Standards.

Pay for Performance (Time: 4:30)
Understanding the incentive and disincentive program for Servicing Carriers.

Basics of Pool Financial Reporting (Time: 3:19)
Information on the types of data reporting that are expected of Servicing Carriers.

Module 5—Audit Oversight Program

Audit Oversight (Time: 4:01)
A session covering NCCI’s four-part program for oversight of Servicing Carriers.