Workers Compensation Claims Frequency Continues to Fall

Posted Date: Summer 2007

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The decline in claim frequency for workers compensation injuries has continued into 2006, and the decline continues to be widespread. Both of these findings bode well for workers, employers, and their insurers.

NCCI's latest review of claim frequency and severity shows that, while claim frequency is down, indemnity and medical severities continue to rise. The 2006 drop in claim frequency extends a trend that started in the 1990s. And, as first reported last year, the decline seems to have become just as prominent among the medium and large claims as it is for the small claims.

In the course of updating our annual study to reflect the latest frequency and severity results, a new dimension has been added. Claim frequency differences between the voluntary and residual markets are examined this year.

What's Driving the Claims Frequency Trend?

NCCI believes that the many factors driving this long-term trend are:

  • Continued emphasis on workplace safety in all employment classes
  • Increased use of robotics
  • Increased use of modular design and construction techniques
  • Increased use of power-assisted processes
  • Advances in ergonomic design
  • Proliferation of cordless tools
  • More and better job training
  • Improved fraud deterrents