WorkComp Workstation - Enhanced Visualization Provides New Insight

Posted Date: July 13, 2020

Great news! WorkComp Workstation, the most current aggregated analytical tool in the industry, now includes a box plot graph as part of the Premium & Loss Dashboard. Benchmark your company’s loss ratio and severity results against the industry. Visualize the distribution of data by using the quartiles in the boxplot graph to see how the values in the data are spread.

You can also filter your results by state, market type, class code, industry group, hazard group, and deductible policies.

Just some of the value you can expect with this new visualization:

  • Easy to read
  • Allows for more effective decision-making
  • Includes these enhanced analytics:
    • Minimum values
    • Median values
    • Maximum values
    • Quartiles to determine where your company’s results fall between 10th and 90th percentiles
    • Download results for custom analytics

To learn more, contact our Customer Service Center at 800-NCCI-123 (800-622-4123).