Underwriting Results, Frequency, and Severity by State: The Hover Is Real

Posted Date: March 09, 2020

NCCI has released two popular actuarial products with new interactive features as part of our ongoing effort to modernize and offer insight into the underlying trends in workers compensation.

Whether you’re interested in reviewing the most recent underwriting results on a calendar-accident year or a policy year basis, you can now sort the information to easily compare results across jurisdictions. You can also see state-specific combined ratio detail for the most recent five years by clicking the respective state’s mini bar chart.

That’s not all! Have you ever wondered how the claim frequency or severity of one state compares with that in surrounding states? Or maybe about how it compares with that in other states you write in? The solution is here.

Within the new frequency and severity product, you can now select the jurisdictions that will be included in the regional group comparison. This is in addition to the countrywide benchmark, which includes all states for which NCCI provides ratemaking services.

Take a look for yourself and see all that these new products have to offer.

Check out our latest update of Underwriting Results and Frequency and Severity by State.

For more information, contact our Customer Service Center at 800-NCCI-123 (800-622-4123).