NCCI Panel Examines Medicare and Workers Comp

Posted Date: June 12, 2009

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Medicare Session at the Annual Issues Symposium 

View the complete report: Medicare Session at the Annual Issues Symposium (PDF)

At this year's Annual Issues Symposium (AIS), NCCI hosted a breakout session on the topic of Medicare and workers compensation. The session examined topics such as how Medicare might change the workers compensation market, medical fee schedules, and the effect of Medicare set-asides on claim operations.

The session was hosted by NCCI Practice Leader and Chief Economist Harry Shuford. The panel consisted of Douglas J. Holmes, president, UWC—Strategic Services on Unemployment & Workers Compensation; Alex Swedlow, executive vice president of the California Workers' Compensation Institute (CWCI); and Barry Lipton, NCCI practice leader and senior actuary.

Each speaker addressed a different aspect of Medicare and workers compensation, with Mr. Lipton covering Medicare's Impact on Workers Compensation. Mr. Holmes spoke about Federal Legislation and Developments Affecting State Workers Compensation and Insurance, and Mr. Swedlow addressed Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements and the California Workers Compensation System. 

The attached overview (PDF) offers topic highlights as well as links to the speaker presentations on