May 15, 2013 - Actuarial Committee Update

Posted Date: May 15, 2013

Industry InformationNCCI Actuarial Committee

The Actuarial Committee met on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 in Orlando, FL. The major topics covered at this meeting included:

  • Legislative Analysis (ACT-13-06)
    Staff presented a summary of NCCI's analysis for selected legislative proposals in 2013, along with an update on the activities of the Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations (WCIO) with respect to Medical Data Call usage.
  • Class Ratemaking Loss Limit (ACT-13-07)
    Staff presented the results of its analysis of the current $500,000 loss limit, which is applied at the individual claim level to the data used to calculate the indicated pure premiums.
  • NCCI Retrospective Rating Plan—Table of Insurance Charges (ACT-13-09)
    The NCCI Table of Insurance Charges, Table M, filed as part of the NCCI Retrospective Rating Plan is used to determine the adjustment to ratable losses on a policy when limiting premium or aggregate loss amounts between maximum and minimum amounts. At the meeting, staff presented an introduction to the NCCI Table of Insurance Charges.

Please refer to the minutes of the meeting for any pertinent discussion on each topic. The presentation for each of the listed topics is contained in the agenda.

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May 15, 2013 Agenda (PDF)

May 15, 2013 Minutes (PDF)