2016 Workers Compensation Issues Report: Fall Edition - Individual Articles

Posted Date: October 31, 2016
NCCI Research: Investigating the Drivers of the 2015 Workers Compensation Medical Severity Decline (PDF)
By David Colón, ACAS, MAAA
Associate Actuary

This new NCCI research paper explores the cost drivers of the change in total medical severity.
​2016 Legislative and Regulatory Outlook (PDF)
By Peter M. Burton, CPCU, AU
Senior Division Executive, State Relations, NCCI

A look at the current legislative and regulatory landscape and potential changes ahead in an election year.
A Real-Life Example of a System That Works (PDF)

A workers compensation claimant shares his personal story about his return to work.
Issue Update: Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules Opt-Out Law Unconstitutional (PDF)

Now that Oklahoma's opt-out law is unconstitutional, the future of opt-out is still being debated in other states.
Bringing the Value of Data to Life: How Effective Use of Data Leads to Improved Outcomes (PDF)
By Nancy Grover
Editor, Workers' Compensation Report

Data management is transforming the workers compensation industry, but not necessarily in ways you might think.
Legal Brief: Time to Corral That Horseplay—Workplace Injuries May Be Compensable (PDF)

Courts weigh in the applicability of workers compensation in situations where good fun in the workplace turns into a serious injury.
Kids' Chance: Helping Children of Injured Workers Attend College (PDF)

A national organization offers scholarships and bright futures to the children of injured workers.
NCCI Research: Workers Compensation and Prescription Drugs—2016 Update (PDF)
By Barry Lipton, FCAS, MAAA
Practice Leader and Senior Actuary, NCCI

David Colón, ACAS, MAAA
Associate Actuary, NCCI

This update examines some of the most recent trends in the use of prescription drugs in workers compensation.
NCCI Plays Critical Role in TRIPRA Implementation (PDF)
By ​Tim Tucker
Washington Affairs Executive, NCCI

NCCI is providing workers compensation insights, expertise, and data toward the implementation of TRIPRA's reporting and study provisions.
Issue Update: Legalization of Marijuana (PDF)

A state-by-state debate continues as marijuana remains illegal at the federal level.
Using NCCI's Riskworkstation Tool to Access Risk-Specific Information (PDF)

Agents and underwriters can benefit from this essential online tool that simplifies the underwriting process.
Oregon Program Funds Injured Worker's Return to Work (PDF)

Making workplace adjustments leads to a successful outcome for employer and worker.
Legal Brief: Compensability in "Coming and Going" Cases (PDF)

Recent cases explore how the "coming and going" rule applies in workers compensation.
NCCI Research: Applied Research (PDF)
By Barry Lipton, FCAS, MAAA
Practice Leader and Senior Actuary, NCCI

This research focuses on improvements in NCCI's class ratemaking, experience rating, and legislative reform pricing.
NCCI Research: Impacts of the Affordable Care Act on Workers Compensation (PDF)
By Leonard F. Herk, PhD
Senior Economist, NCCI

NCCI's most recent research addressing the impact of the ACA on the workers compensation insurance system.
Workers Compensation Financial Results Update (PDF)

In this report, NCCI provides updated results for 2015, as well as preliminary estimates for Calendar Year 2016.