2016 Workers Compensation Issues Report - Individual Articles

Posted Date: May 06, 2016
The “On-Demand” Economy: A Major Disruption for the Workers Compensation System (PDF)
By Nancy Grover
Editor, Workers’ Compensation Report

On-demand, sharing, collaborative, gig economy—call it what you like. Lots of people are doing it. Everybody’s talking about it.
​Court Challenges and Legislative Changes to Workers Compensation Laws (PDF)
By Adam W. Levell
Counsel, NCCI

Jeffrey P. Selbach
Senior Counsel, NCCI

Challenges to state workers compensation statutes are nothing new. In fact, contesting the legality of state workers compensation systems goes back more than a century.
TRIPRA—Implementation Moves Forward (PDF)
By Tim Tucker
Washington Affairs Executive, NCCI

The enactment of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (TRIPRA) of 2015 set into motion a flurry of activity related to its implementation.
Issues Update: Opt-Out (PDF)

The past year has been active when it comes to opt-out legislation—both in state legislatures and in the courts.
Four Decades on the Job: A Conversation with Peter Burton, NCCI’s Senior Division Executive for State Relations (PDF)
By Peter Burton, CPCU, AU
NCCI Senior Division Executive, State Relations

As NCCI’s senior division executive for state relations, Peter Burton oversees regulatory relationships in all of NCCI’s states, as well as independent bureau relations, NCCI’s Underwriting Committee, and the fulfillment of national loss costs and rate filings.
Issues Update: Legalization of Marijuana (PDF)

Over the last few years, several states have legalized marijuana in some form for medical use.
Are Physician-Dispensing Reforms Sustainable? (PDF)
By Ramona Tanabe
Executive Vice President and Counsel Workers Compensation Research Institute

Since 2007, 20 states enacted reforms to reduce the costs of physician-dispensed prescriptions.
Prescription Drug Management in Workers Compensation: The Twelfth Annual Survey Report (2014 Data) (PDF)
By Joseph Paduda
President, CompPharma, LLC

Prescription drugs have become a key factor in workers compensation. Accounting for one of every six medical dollars, pharmacy’s impact on disability duration, return to work, and claim settlement outweighs the benefit’s dollar expense.
Time from Injury to Treatment in Workers Compensation: Setting a Baseline to Monitor the Affordable Care Act (PDF)
By ​Barry Lipton
Practice Leader and Senior Actuary, NCCI
Dan Corro
Senior Research Consultant, NCCI
John Robertson
Director and Senior Actuary, NCCI

There continues to be uncertainty regarding the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the workers compensation system.
Issues Update: Federal Focus on the Workers Compensation System (PDF)

Federal interest in the state-based workers compensation system of workers compensation appears to be growing.