2015 Workers Compensation Issues Report

Posted Date: June 15, 2015
Message from Stephen J. Klingel, CPCU, WCP President and CEO NCCI NCCI is pleased to provide you with the enclosed copy of our Workers Compensation 2015 Issues Report. This year’s publication offers an in-depth look at many of the top issues facing the workers compensation industry today. Among the topics:  Updated numbers and observations from NCCI’s annual State of the Line report A comprehensive overview of planned and completed state legislative activities An analysis of the latest conditions in the California workers compensation market A look into the future of the American workplace—and the ramifications of increased automation An examination of the continuing opt-out interest in some states Please enjoy reading the 2015 Issues Report. We welcome your feedback. Best regards, Stephen J. Klingel, CPCU, WCP President and CEO NCCI  Issues Report is produced by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. (NCCI), 901 Peninsula Corporate Circle, Boca Raton, Florida 33487. Issues Report provides a forum for the expression of various opinions on subjects relating to workers compensation insurance. The opinions expressed in the articles are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily express the views of the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. Materials contained in Issues Report are subject to copyright claims and other proprietary rights. Material may be used for research or other noncommercial purposes. We ask that you observe the following conditions: Cite individual author and Issues Report when using the materials Do not abridge or edit material in any way that may alter the authors' intentions Any commercial use of these materials requires explicit, prior authorization from NCCI.