Countrywide Expense Analysis: An Inside Look

Posted Date: July 29, 2019
Countrywide Expense Banner

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the process behind NCCI’s countrywide expense analysis? Previously only available through the minutes of NCCI’s Actuarial Committee meetings, NCCI is now widening our scope for sharing an inside look into the methodology and the details behind the numbers.

Formerly known as the Summary of Voluntary Loss Cost/Rate Filing information by State, NCCI has now expanded the page to include both the summary of filing information as well as details underlying the countrywide expense analysis.

Access the expanded information on the Voluntary Loss Cost/Rate Filing Information.

New reports include:

  • Adjusting and Other Expenses (AOE)*
  • Production and General Expenses

*Included in states where NCCI files voluntary rates or loss costs containing adjustment expense.

You’ll still be able to access expense analysis details from prior years in the historical Actuarial Committee portal.