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Posted Date: February 28, 2017



For more than 100 years, the workers compensation system has protected both injured workers and employers. It provides an infrastructure that carriers and regulatory leaders can rely on. However, as challenges and changes arise, the workers compensation system's delicate balance is under threat. Addressing these system-wide issues requires thoughtful response.

NCCI, a recognized leader and trusted source of workers compensation information, invites you to join us from May 17–19, 2017, for our Annual Issues Symposium (AIS)—The System@Work. Through presentation, visualization, and networking, AIS offers the premier venue for meaningful dialogue and exchanging ideas that shape the workers compensation system.

Don't miss your chance to be at the center of what's happening in workers comp. Register now for AIS 2017.

Featured Speakers

Lesley Stahl, Legendary Broadcast Journalist and Co-Editor of 60 Minutes

A Morning with Lesley Stahl—Expert analysis on critical issues including the economy, politics, and financial services.


Kurt Karl, Chief Economist, Swiss Re

The US Economy's Effect on Financial, Insurance, and Workers Compensation Issues—Outlook for the US economy and indicators for the insurance market.


Jonathan Haidt, Professor, NYU's Stern School of Business

The Moral Imperative of Workers Compensation—A unique view into business and leadership, and the implications of ethics as they relate to our industry.


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