New Unit Data Collection Tool - Now Available

Posted Date: March 26, 2018

NCCI is excited to announce the release of the new Unit Data Collection (UDC) tool.

Watch this video and be introduced to the new features and enhanced functionality that have taken unit data reporting to a whole new level!


Webinars on Demand

Learn about the new tool and how to navigate through the screens and understand the views of the data. View and listen to the following Webinars on Demand:

Go to the Learning Center to access the new training modules.

UDC Quick-Start Guide

The UDC Quick-Start Guide (PDF) will assist you with maneuvering through the screens and understanding displayed data. At a glance, you’ll be able to:

  • Pinpoint functions in each screen
  • Visually understand column headings and specific labels
  • Conveniently reference user tips

Download the UDC Quick-Start Guide (PDF) now and prepare yourself for the future rollout.

Overall Enhancements

Features of the new tool include:

  • Enhanced screens and additional functionality.
  • Streamlined workflow process for searching unit reports, reviewing outstanding edits, and making necessary corrections.
  • Combined Search Results—View combined search results of nonrejected and rejected data.
  • Online Updates—Track the status of updates.
  • Current View—Retrieve the cumulative view of a unit report. This view includes the latest values based on 1st report, subsequent reports, and all corrections.
  • Outstanding Edit View—Identify edits that are currently outstanding and directly link to records in error.
  • Historical View—Research prior reports, corrections, and historical edits.
  • Additional Online Edits—Provides additional up-front edits for immediate error feedback.
  • Reorganized Fields—Within each record, view common data fields grouped in categories for ease of use.

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