Unit Data Collection Suite of Webinars on Demand - Now Available

Posted Date: February 27, 2018

The Unit Data Collection (UDC) tool is your primary source for viewing report values, identifying edits, and correcting your Unit Statistical data. The new UDC tool is scheduled to be implemented in First Quarter 2018 and will replace the current application.

To learn about the new UDC tool and help you get ready for the implementation, go to Learning Center, Data Reporting, and then Unit Statistical Data to access the following suite of Webinars on Demand:

Unit Data Collection—Search and View

  • Navigate and use the main page
  • Search for Unit Statistical data
  • View the latest report values for each record
  • Understand the filters and icons of the tool
  • Identify outstanding edits

Unit Data Collection—Add, Update, and Correct

  • Add 1st and subsequent reports
  • Add exposure and claim records
  • Update the latest report values
  • Correct edits

Unit Data Collection—Current and Historical Views

  • Understand the Current View of each record
  • View historical data and edits
  • Compare the Current View and Historical View