Enhanced Validation Editing Process

Posted Date: September 15, 2020

NCCI is excited to announce that the validation editing process is getting better! This week, we will transition seven more notification tests to validation edits. To support these edits, we will make the following enhancements to the Unit Data Collection tool:

  • A new Validation tab, with an Export feature, has been added to the Unit Details—Current View
  • New Match Number, which identifies validation edits that are either grouped together on the new Validation tab or that have identified potential duplicate unit data, and Insured Name fields, have been added to export results and validation suspect condition reports
  • The Pending condition status has been renamed Pending at NCCI
  • Accepted explanations will no longer display on the Outstanding Edit/Validation View

For more information on the enhancements, refer to Circular DQ-2020-02.

You can also learn more by viewing the new Webinar on Demand—How to Address Unit Validation Suspect Conditions—Post-Submission Edits.